POP (Plaster of Paris) ceiling designs

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March 6, 2017
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POP (Plaster of Paris) ceiling designs

The popularity of POP ceilings cannot be debated. They are widely adopted for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, hospitals – in short they are suited to all building types. The extensive use of POP ceilings can be attributed to the versatility of Plaster of Paris. The first unmatched advantage is that POP can be easily moulded into any shape. This allows the creation of beautiful designs and patterns on the ceiling. There are a number of ways in which you can design the ceiling using POP. The POP ceiling design can be concentrated around the ceiling elements like lighting fixtures. For example, if you have a chandelier or a decorative light fixture which you wish to highlight; using a POP ceiling medallion is the ideal way to achieve it. The POP medallion supplements the beauty of the light fixture and draws attention to it. POP medallions are most suited for living room, dining and bedroom. Also, if you want to lend a classic look to your interiors, the perfect choice for your interior ceiling is POP medallion. Apart from medallions, POP can also be used for minimal ceiling decor. POP ceiling skirting can be provided to frame the ceiling and demarcate it from the walls. Ornamental borders created with POP can significantly add to the interior decor.

If an ornamented ceiling is not your pick, then you can opt for a plain POP ceiling and paint it with a desired colour. POP can be easily painted and they make gorgeous ceilings. The soft, smooth finish which POP lends to the ceiling is unsurpassed by any other material. Plaster of Paris can also be used to give texture to the ceiling.

POP False Ceiling

POP False Ceiling

POP (Plaster of Paris) False Ceiling

Plaster of Paris is a popular material for false ceilings. False ceilings constructed with POP can take any shape and this allows for a lot of experimentation. Levels can be created in the ceiling using plaster of Paris, thus instilling a third dimension in ceiling designs. Recessed ceilings, layered ceilings, circular, domed, curvilinear ceilings; any shape or design you can imagine can be created using plaster of Paris. This further allows playing with interior lighting. The use of POP false ceilings opens up a wide variety of lighting options for the interiors. You can opt for a recessed ceiling with the central part of the ceiling recessed and have soffit lighting along the ceiling edges. Another popular option is cove lighting. POP false ceiling with cove lighting is an extremely common and contemporary way to adorn interior ceilings. Recessed lighting can always be used with false ceilings, and POP false ceiling is no exception. The popularity of POP false ceilings can also be attributed to the fact that it hides the A/C ducts and electrical wiring; giving a neat ceiling.

Plaster of Paris is also a very adaptive material. As it can be given any colour and texture, POP goes well with other materials used for ceiling. POP is often used with wood for ceiling designs. POP ceiling with glass is another option for modern ceilings. So, even if you want to opt for a ceiling of some other material, POP can be used to complement it.

POP Ceiling Details

POP Ceiling Details

Benefits of POP Ceiling

  • Plaster of Paris lends a smooth, matte finish to the interior ceiling.
  • POP can be painted; and it can be also given a textured look.
  • POP can be cast into any shape and thus can be used to create ornamented designs for ceiling.
  • POP medallions are a popular way to give the interiors a classic look.
  • POP designs can be successfully used to highlight ceiling light fixtures.
  • POP false ceiling is a common element of contemporary interiors.
  • Plaster of Paris can be used to create varied shapes of false ceiling.
  • POP false ceiling can be easily adorned with recessed lighting.
  • POP false ceiling can be made interesting by providing different levels in the ceiling.
  • POP ceiling with cove lighting is a popular element of contemporary interiors.
  • POP false ceiling is commonly used to conceal air conditioning ducts.
  • POP false ceiling is also used to cover ugly beams running across the ceiling.
  • Plaster of Paris can gel with other materials like glass and wood to provide you a composite ceiling.


Famous POP Ceiling

One of the classic examples of extraordinary plaster ceiling is the swirl ceiling designed by Antoni Gaudi at Casa Batllo. Restored by Gaudi in the early 20th century, the Casa Batllo is hailed as one of the most famous works of the architect. read more>>

Bedroom Ceiling

While designing the bedroom interiors, we usually tend to neglect the ceiling. Rather it would be more accurate to say that we do not consider designing the ceiling at all. We are so particular about the right bed, the ornamental furniture, the flooring designs, etc., etc. that we ultimately end up with a mundane ceiling.

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